Free Full Gay Movie: Wild Combination (Matt Wolf, 2008) USA

Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell
Directed by Matt Wolf
1 hr 11 minutes, USA
English language, English subtitles.

There are few artists who excelled in working across multiple music genres like Arthur Russell, yet there are many who share his status of relative obscurity. When Russell died in 1992 at 40, due to Aids-related illness, he left behind a body of work that spanned disco, avant-garde, folk, pop, new wave and classical. Yet much of it remained unreleased for years, housed in an overflowing archive of 1,000-plus tapes.

Daniel Dylan Wray at The Guardian

“He had to be the funkiest white boy I ever met,” says singer and collaborator Lola Love in the film – someone who was no stranger to funk herself as a member of James Brown’s revue.


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