Free Full Gay Movie: Maschile Plurale AKA Mascarpone: The Rainbow Cake (Alessandro Guida, 2024) Italy

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Maschile Plurale
| Mascarpone: The Rainbow Cake
Directed by Alessandro Guida
1 hr 45 mins, Italy, 2024

Fiction feature
Italian language, English subtitles

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Maschile Plurale (The Rainbow Cake) is a 2024 Italian gay drama film directed by Alessandro Guida. It’s a follow up to the popular comedy, Mascarpone. (I reviewed it here.) The film follows Antonio and Luca, two friends who reunite three years after the death of their mutual friend Denis.The story explores the relationship between Antonio and Luca as they navigate their lives after Denis’ passing. Luca has hit rock bottom, while Antonio is trying to move forward. The film delves into themes of grief, friendship, and personal growth in the aftermath of a tragic loss.


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