Free Full Gay Movie: Chuck & Buck (Miguel Arteta, 2000) USA

Chuck & Buck
Directed by Mike White
1 hr 36 minutes, USA
English language, English subtitles.

In a review of Esteros, here’s what I had to say about Chuck & Buck.

What is the movie about? It seems to be about buried sexuality or arrested development, but it’s also a fascinating study of behavior that violates the rules. Most of us operate within a set of conventions and instincts that lead us through conversations and relationships. We know precisely how close we are to one another, and our behavior reflects that. Some people, through ignorance or hostility, don’t observe the rules. How should we handle them? Chuck may have grown up normally while Buck got stuck behind, but in their own personal war, Buck has all the best moves.

Roger Ebert

I am aware that this film isn’t for everyone, and in my time of recommending this to people I have had about a 50/50 response, but for me I find it to be a truly original and exceptional flick, with brilliant casting, writing, direction and performances. Mike White has never impressed me like he did here, and for those curious about what “the blonde guy from School of Rock who lets Jack Black live with him” did before, check this gemstone out. You might love it.

Chris Cummings on The Cinephiliacs

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