Film response: 21 Jump Street

I can see why Jonah Hill was cast by Bennett Miller and Scorsese. His complete lack of commitment to anything he’s doing or saying can be used effectively in dramatic roles surrounded by celebrities and directed by egomaniacs and has been a virtue for the blank characters he’s played so far. He has no depth; therefore he’s scary as fuck. That probably makes a lot of people laugh, too.

But Tatum is the more resourceful actor here and funnier, too. Well, if you call maybe five chuckles funny. But the script is execrable and the blithe way that human bodies are dispatched in the film’s climax is despicable and unnecessary.

It’s as if this sub-satirical garbage has to be bloody for even the filmmakers to take it seriously. I not only question the taste of anyone who likes this piece of shit, but also the sanity. Even if Depp hadn’t starred in the TV show, it would still be perfectly appropriate for his soulless on-screen persona to show up just to get shot. For me, that was the movie’s sole redemptive moment. 

But it’s still hella depressing.

Originally published on Letterboxd.

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