Featured Free Gay Movie: Private Romeo (Alan Brown, 2011) USA

It’s been a while since I watched Alan Brown’s gay adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but I liked it enough to watch it twice. It’s certainly a lot more satisfying and sexy than Joss Whedon’s inert attempt to update Shakespeare.

The film stars Charlie Barnett (Chicago Fire, Russian Doll), whom I’ll watch in anything, and Hale Appleman (The Magicians).

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Private Romeo is an adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s Romeo and Juliet by Alan Brown made in 2011. The film is a reenactment of the play exclusively spoken in an all-male high school military academy called McKinley Military Academy. Amidst this recitation is a love blossoming between the two cadets, Sam Singleton / Romeo played by Seth Numrich and Glenn Mangan / Juliet played by Matt Doyle. The film was Brown’s take on Don’t ask, don’t tell, the official United States policy on gays in the military from December 21, 1993, to September 20, 2011 (the law was repealed after the production of the film).


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