Featured Free Gay Movie: PD | Fag (Olivier Lallart, 2019) France


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I’ve watched and enjoyed Olivier Lallart‘s PD (Fag in English) a couple times now and although I still think it’s a bit didactic in spots and the narrative turns are a bit rote — coming out on the dancefloor at prom is becoming as common a trope as riding double on mopeds or motorcycles in gay movies — there are elements that can’t be denied:

  • The power and authenticity of the lead performances, from Paul Gomerieux and Jacques Lepesqueur as Thomas and Esteban, respectively
  • The cohesive and focused narrative flow and direction
  • Similarly, the intimate and accomplished camerawork, almost always handheld, especially in close-ups
  • The cinematic aspect ratio which helps contribute to the feeling of having watched a complete feature, rather than just a short
  • The overal sincerity of the project

I wasn’t prepared to tear up during the making-of video, however, which I’ve also embedded below. In it, we see the cost of those powerful performances on the actors and their admirable, moving commitment to their characters’ journeys, as well as their rapport with Lallart. Unlike most behind-the-scenes shorts, this one is a must-see.

Both videos are in French with English subtitles. Additional subtitles are available on YouTube.

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