Featured Free Gay Movie – Deathwatch

This Week’s Free Streamer: Deathwatch

Director Vic Morrow and actor Leonard Nimoy (yes, that Leonard Nimoy) co-produced in 1965 an adaptation of Jean Genet‘s play in French, Haute Surveillance. Nimoy starred as Lefranc, an imprisoned jewel thief trying his best to get in good with Greeneyes, a murderer on death row. (Genet was obsessed with murderers.) Deathwatch also starred Paul Mazursky who went on to direct Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

According to Wikipedia, Deathwatch was the first feature film to be heavily marketed to the gay community.

Sorry about the low quality. It’s the only copy I’ve ever found.

Leonard Nimoy talks about Deathwatch here on Vimeo.

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