Danny Nucci celebrating in a lycra singlet

I just watched The Unknown Cyclist, which wasn’t very good. But it does have a young Danny Nucci reaching down the front of his bike shorts to lubricate his junk. (He’s a hot daddy now.)

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Here’s my full review from Letterboxd:

Well, it’s not very convincing as AIDS-era weepies go, but it does have a luscious Danny Nucci as a bisexual playboy in bike shorts, Lea Thompson giving her all, which is never quite enough, Stephen Spinella as a bitter hypocrite, a token sassy Black queen, and one moment of sensitively dramatized charity that made me choke up. Not much is made of the California countryside, though. For all you 80s nostalgia completists, Vincent Spano is… there as the homophobic twin brother of a dead gay man whose death from complications due to HIV brings all these folks together. You might not be surprised to learn he comes around.
If that sounds edifying to you, give it a try. They tell me it’s hard to find these days.

Review of The Unknown Cyclist on Letterboxd
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