Baby (2022) Film Still Gallery

Directed by WIZ AKA Andrew John Whiston
12 min, 2000, UK

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Baby Ben Whishaw plays an adorable, polymorphously perverse teenager who seems to be turned on by everyone and everything he sess at a local public pool. Director WIZ (Andrew John Whiston) fills the frame with moist skin, stretchy spandex, reflective water and waves, and Wishaw’s big, dark, wandering eyes. — Me on Letterboxd

“Baby” is a 2000 short film directed by W.I.Z. (Andrew John Whiston). The film follows a teenage boy as he navigates a day filled with sexual overtones, drugs, and masturbation. The story is presented in a non-linear fashion, with the boy recalling his experiences while lying in bed. The film explores themes of teenage life, hedonism, and the blurring of boundaries between reality and fantasy. The film’s sensual and suggestive nature has been praised for its ability to capture the intensity and intimacy of the teenage experience.

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