Meine Lieblingsfilme, Nachtrag
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I was browsing through BonTon Land?s DVD selection today and realized I?d left off a couple of biggies.

The Decalogue
Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski
Kieslowski made this 10-hour masterwork for Polish television. Each 50 minute section is devoted to one of the Ten Commandments. Yes, thoseTen Commandments. Sad to say I?ve only seen 8 of the 10. The ones I have seen blew me away. The short form reigns in nearly all the stylistic excess of the director?s feature films, none of which have moved me like this collection.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Unter der Regie von Ang Lee
Did for Hong Kong action movies what Singin? in the Rain did for Hollywood musicals. Nope, I didn?t say that, but it?s still true. I had a lot of friends in Chicago who were aficionados of Hong Kong action films but they only impressed me as being a lot of fun and very imaginative. Crouching Tiger, on the other hand, has soul.

The Evil Dead
Directed by Sam Raimi
In some ways, since 1983 every supernatural/horror/gore movie with a comic edge has been a attempt to remake this one. Raimi himself has often recycled its energy. Saw and Hostel? What big snores they are!The Evil Dead is the original, and it?s one fucked-up and inimitable ride.

I?m sure I?ll be adding more in the future. I?m currently going through old Kubrick films to see if I still like them as well I used to. I?m surprised and pleased that at least a core of my regular readers took the time to read the post. It was a lot of work. Thanks for reading.

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