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Free Streaming Gay Movie: Sordid Lives (Del Shores, 2000) USA

Sordid Lives

Directed by Del Shores
1h 51min, USA, 2000

Sordid Lives is a 2000 American independent romantic comedy film written and directed by Del Shores.[1] The film tells the story of a Texas family coming together in the aftermath of the matriarch’s death. The screenplay is based on the award-winning 1996 play of the same name by Shores.[2] According to the director’s commentary DVD extra feature, it includes elements of his life.[citation needed]
Sordid Lives received mixed reviews from mainstream audiences, but became a cult classic with LGBT fans, particularly in the South.[citation needed] The film was followed by the 2008 television series Sordid Lives: The Series and the 2017 film A Very Sordid Wedding.


Although it’s barely a movie at all ? more like a videotaped dress rehearsal where the actors are ready but the rest of the crew, not so much ? I’m going to go ahead and give Shores’s affectionate and nonjudgmental gay Southern sendup 3 stars because of the casting, some of the zingers and one liners and their delivery by charming actors, particularly Beth Grant, and the overall sweet nature of the whole project, which seems to be about recovery? from everything, in all its forms. Plus, Olivia Newton-John as a bleached-blonde lesbian singer-songwriter? What child of the 1970s hasn’t wanted to see that? She gives her all to the tiny part and to the songs, too.

Rick Powell, Letterboxd

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